Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More S--- Pictures

When we first came to the Cadillac area in 2003, we stayed at my parents' cottage on Lake Austin. We hadn't intended for it to take more than a month or two to sell our old home and find a new home, but we ended up staying in that old (but very nice) single-wide for nine months. It's a beautiful place to stay, but not the best place to winter over. That is, the trailer house isn't all that winter-ready. The lake and surrounding area is beautiful. The sheer volume of snow we had that year made it difficult, but we wouldn't trade it in for our old house on a well-plowed road even in the most difficult of times.

This is what the lake looks like when it's iced over, but not covered with snow. The sunset adds color to what would otherwise be a rather bleak photo.

There was a line of trees near the north edge of the lot. This picture looks between the line of trees (on the left) and the property line (on the right) at the lake. I know it just looks like a flat area with lots of snow, but it's a lake.

This is a shot of the cottage (I mean trailer house) from the lake. To the left, you can see the property line, the leafless oak tree, and the row of spruce trees that were in the previous photo.

There will be no more shots that look like this. The line of spruce trees is gone, and a very nice lake home with a walk-out basement has been built. The old trailer house is still there, but it's mostly hidden by my parents' future retirement home. It'll be ripped out from under the roof next year, and turned into a pole barn (which will serve as Dad's workshop).

On the hill, there are two boys on sleds, plus good 'ol Lucy the Labrador. She loved the time she spent at the lake.

Inside, it's cozy and warm.

I found a whole bunch of small balsum fir growing under the power line where the power company had previously cleared the area. They were way too close together to grow -- not that the power company is going to let them get taller than maybe ten feet.

I harvested one and set it up on the table. With a little creativity, we had a nice little Christmas tree that year. It's kind of hard to take a picture that does justice to Christmas decorations, but a tripod, a 35mm camera, and some patience can make it happen.

The lake association has a few year 'round residents. They all chip in to have the roads (narrow two-tracks about as wide as our current driveway) plowed. With everyone chipping in, it doesn't cost much (I think we provided $20.00 or so). Of course, we don't waste money having the place plowed out if there's less than maybe six inches of snow.

It's actually quite pretty. I wouldn't mind staying there until January or so. It starts to get old around March or so, and it has been known to snow in May around here.

I was playing with the composition in the previous two shots -- going for graceful curves and subtle color. This one, with the fence and the car tracks, is a decent illustration of the 'rule of thirds'.

Backing off a bit, we add a bit of color by including the garden shack.

Again, you can make my day and stroke my ego by asking for desktop-sized copies of these photos.


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