Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Yes, we're talking about a four letter word that starts with "S".

Yep, we got that white stuff all over our driveway.

Actually, it's had been there for a couple days by the time I took this picture. Now, it's all melted. It'll be back, though. You can count on it.

But that's OK, the snow blower is all gassed up and ready. I have a nice snow suit that came with this house, a pair of ski goggles, and some muck boots. I think I need to replace them with snowmobile boots, but they work OK. They're a bit heavy for the half mile or more of walking that I do when blowing out our tenth of a mile of driveway, but it's not like a little extra effort is going to hurt me.

This fence was installed by the previous owners as decoration. I'm trying to get a pleasing composition here, but am less than successful. The picture is OK, but nothing like I had in mind.

Here's another effort to turn that old fence into a thing of beauty. I made a whole bunch of other attempts, but none of them are worth resizing and displaying. I'm glad I used the digital camera for this attempt.

Still, it's a good illustration of how to almost turn an old ratty fence into a decent picture. Maybe a photography teacher somewhere can use it when teaching how not to compose a picture.

This is our humble abode (and my humble Jeep).

This is part of our middle pasture, which contains a bunch of blue spruce that were planted by a previous owner. We chose one that was growing too close to another as our Christmas tree this year. We like to cull out the ones that won't be good for transplanting. We still need to figure out what to do with all those trees before they get too big. Most are already too big to move with anything but the biggest tree spade.

This is a shot through the middle woods and into the middle pasture. That little strip of woods makes a nice wind break in the winter, and provides shade in the summer.

So, winter is officially here -- though it will supposedly be mild this year. The snowmobiles have been out a couple times, but the ground is currently bare. I won't mind if it stays that way for a few days. I don't count on having bare ground for long, though. Soon, there will be s--- all over the ground again. Maybe it'll be gone by May.

By the way, if you want larger (wallpaper) versions of any of those pictures, make my day and let me know. You might want to wait until tomorrow, though. I'll be posting some much better pictures that I took a couple years ago.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ray I would love a desktop wallpaper...but I don't know which of the last 4 that I like best...they are all beautiful so you can pick one for me. I like to LOOK at snow in a picture...but that is all I care to have. I still say you could be a pro. photographer!!
Great to see your blog updated...I have missed your regular updates!

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

6:27 PM  

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