Thursday, October 19, 2006

Back again

My resume' has been updated. My projects portfolio has been tweaked a bit, too. The big interruption in the middle came when that same disease came around and kicked my tail feathers again. I finally consented to go to the doctor once my throat got to be so sore that I couldn't eat. After a day and a half on antibiotics, it was still sore (though not quite as bad) Things finally got better when, at about 3:00 in the morning, a big gob of reddish-brown stuff worked its way out of my sinuses.

So now I'm back to looking for someone in the Cadillac area that needs a programmer or engineer or writer or something like that. It's hard to write a resume' when you're targeting such a wide audience.

So, aside from rescuing a meat bird from the neighbor's dog (and having to butcher it because it was so injured), finding a half-eaten laying hen, and thinking bad thoughts about pumping certain mutts full of lead, that's what's been happening around here.

Oh yah, and my story is demanding attention again. It says that I had better start writing again if I want to keep my sanity. But maybe it's too late on that one.

Since I have a couple fall pictures left, I'll see if I can get those out tonight. We already had our first snow, but there is still some color around. I hope some people are still in the mood for some fall color pictures. Personally, I'm in the mood to skip winter altogether and move on to spring.


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