Monday, April 24, 2006

Horses and New Patients

Things are greening up more around here. The horse actually has some grass to chew on in the front pasture. She seems to particularly enjoy the wild carrots (queen ann's lace).

Mary made the mistake of taking the goats out with her. The goats decided to run off, and the kids ignored Mary's calls for help. She tied the horse to a tree and chased the goat around the garden, worried that it would go to the neighbor's place and give them something to complain about.

Well, she got the goat, but the horse escaped and ran to the neighbor's place. The Val's boyfriend was about to throw a rock at her until Val told him to stop. I was just about to go out when all this happened. I grabbed the bucket that we use to give her grain, put a can full of sweet feed into it, and went over. Mary got the Sarah (the horse) before I got there. It's a really good thing that Sarah is so good-natured.

The boys ended up losing dessert and getting a stern lecture about doing what they are told, and how their disobedience could have caused a disaster. I wish I could believe that they took it to heart. Somehow, they think that they don't always have to listen to their mother. They get into trouble when they try to ignore me.

In other news, Mary has a new home health care patient. He is the one surviving boy that was in a carload of teens that was involved in a head-on collision. Mary has taken care of him in the hospital, but never got to meet him when he wasn't in big medical trouble. She will now be doing some routine care. Her experience with pediatric rehabilitation at the Detroit Medical Center's Children's Hospital will be a big help.

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Blogger hisdearheart said...

Why is it that boys don't feel the need to respond to Mom as they do to Dad? my two are the same way, in spite of the fact that Dad always reinforces what I tell them. In fact, they get into more trouble when Dad has to reinforce than they would just dealing with me!

9:58 PM  
Blogger Nerd in the Country said...

My crew don't want to listen to me, either. They listen better than they do for their mom, though. I think that they are just particularly stubborn. My parents say something about it being hereditary.

A counsellor that we used to see tells us that fathers very often command more respect from the kids. His theory is that it's the deeper voice and more of an air of authority.

10:17 PM  

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