Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gratuitous Pictures...

Or, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I have been scraping the bottom of the barrel for gratuitous images. Most of the photos that I have been publishing came from the last two rolls of pictures that I had processed. I used them because I'm lazy. When I had them processed, I asked for the images to be scanned and put on a CD.

Today, I dug up some old pictures and scanned some of them in. I'm still being lazy. Instead of digging up the negatives and using the film scanner, I'm just sticking them on the flat bed scanner. If I want to make desktop pictures out of any of them, I'll have to go ahead and fire up the negative scanner.

First, the good:

Back when Paul (my cousin) and I did darkroom work, we would choose between 74RC color paper (for normal work), and 78RC (when more contrast is needed). Then, we would run test strips and adjust the color and exposure (brightness). After a while, we got pretty good at guessing. That saved us some paper because we needed less test strips.

Now, I just use a photo editing program to change the color, contrast, brightness, and a bunch of other things. I easily salvaged some pretty mushy (lacking in contrast) images.

Unfortunately, there are some streaks that are either on the scanner class or the picture itself. When I find the negative, I'll try scanning it in. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

The flowers you see are called bloodroots. That's because there is a red sap in the roots that resembles blood. The stems and leaves have an orange sap.

Now, the bad:

OK, maybe you like spiders. The bugs think that this guy (or gal) is pretty bad, though.

Come to the cobweb hotel.

Finally, the ugly:

Actually, I'm the ugly one. Paul is that handsome redhead that's snapping a picture. I'm picking up the tent and shaking the dust out of it. Paul never told me if he positioned the camera to obscure the fact that I'm wearing shorts on purpose. But trust me. I'm not nekkid in that picture.

Of course, this picture has been on my web site for a few years:

He has tan shorts on. Trust me.


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