Saturday, April 22, 2006

Gourmet pancakes?

Well... sort of.

Yesterday, I made some pancakes with duck, guinea, and chicken eggs. How's that for a gourmet mixture? To tell the truth, there really isn't any difference (though some people really like duck eggs).

I tend to make my pancakes very egg-rich because I like adding the extra protein. I use one egg for every 1/4 cup of whole-grain flour. I like to use white whole wheat because it has a milder flavor, but still has all the good stuff that you find in whole grain flour.

The real trick to making pancakes or cake or whatever this way is to add plenty of water (or milk), and to add a heaping teaspoon of baking powder for each cup of flour. Also, if you let the batter sit for a while before adding the baking powder and cooking it, the moisture will soak into the bran and germ of the wheat.

What really topped things off, though, was the home made cherry almond jelly (closer to syrup, but that's OK for pancakes). This year, we're going to go to Traverse City early and pick a few buckets of those sour cherries. We'll also get plenty of sweet black and sweet red (Queen Ann) cherries. We need to get some cherry trees planted in our orchard this year if possible. It'll take a few years to get much from them, though. I'm glad we live about an hour from Traverse City.

Now that spring is here, the animals are all doing spring things. Our pregnant goat is getting huge, and having a little difficulty getting up into the shelter. She does it when I give them grain, but she otherwise stays down in the run. That's OK because we throw hay out there every day for the horse, and there is a big 40 gallon stock watering tub that we keep filled.

Meanwhile, last year's hatch of roosters are acting obnoxious. They are essentially teen-agers (in chicken years), and don't yet know how to handle their testosterone The old hens are putting them in their place, though. It's rare to see a hen fighting a rooster, but they have been doing exactly that. Those poor little hen-pecked boys end up running away.

Also, the two top roosters had a knock-down drag-out fight a few days ago. I guess Little Red wants to take the alpha spot from Stripe.

What's even funnier, though, are the little silkie roosters, the littler banties, and the huge buff orpingtons. Those little banties chase the buff orpingtons around the yard. The guineas chase everyone but the ducks. It isn't about mating, though. It's about who gets the best food. That drake likes to chase the guineas away. Nobody messes with the ducks.

This morning, I walked out to the corner of the barn yard to toss a pitch fork full of hay over the fence. The horse came running, and a hen happened to be between me and the horse. That hen took off a squawkin', and ran and flapped for quite a few feet in front of that galloping horse. There are times when a video camera would come in really handy.

Gratuitous photo of the day:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi ray, some reason can't send you emails.. get sent straight back. oh well..
love the pancake story.
we can only buy hen and sometimes emu eggs in Sydney, but i love the rich flavour of fresh duck eggs. we ca get them at David Jones city store (very expensive department store with a gourmet food hall.)
i read your blog to Emily every dayish, and she loves the goats.
Sarah says thank-you for my horses, i love them.
thankyou ray for giving me an insite into your life.

9:26 PM  

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