Saturday, August 05, 2006

Stuff for Today

Today, we finished off the pies.

It's funny how any group, large or small, will develop its own culture, slang, and ways of using the language. In our case, after watching Chicken Run, we now refer to the chickens that were bred for meat production as 'pies'.

So, Paul went out to the pie pen, caught the birds one at a time, and delivered them to me for processing. Mooooa ha ha ha... [ahem] sorry, got carried away.

So, we did the last four grown pies, and they are now resting comfortably in our refrigerator. There are eight left who have some growing to do. They are now 'cornish hen' size, so we could off them if we wanted to eat little individual serving chickens. In a couple weeks, they'll be big and meaty. We'll want to do them as soon as they reach full size because they end up getting fattier with age. Also, the skin sticks to the meat and they are harder to process. I dislike the job enough as it is.

But after the messy job was done and I finished my shower, today went well. It's cooled down to the 70s, so we can actually get stuff done. Some was just routine stuff, like dumping food into the feeders and transferring bags of feed from the van to the garbage cans (and telling the horse that no, she can't get into the feed). We also walked down to the staging area (ten acre parcel used for snowmobile parking, parties, festivals, and stuff like that) to launch and air rocket that the kids bought. We found some puff balls (stemless mushrooms) there and harvested some of them.

Mary bought some billy burger from some place she found in LeRoy, so I guess we can find out what chevon tastes like before having meat boy processed. She also found the place that does the processing. I guess she has decided that we want meat more than we want to train a goat to pull a cart. Between the chickens and the goat (later), we shouldn't have to buy much meat.

I'm having a hard time figuring out what to say, so I guess that means that life is boring today. Hopefully, I can get some writing done on my short story that wants to morph into a novel.


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