Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I was lazy today, so I pulled something out of the archives. I hope it doesn't sound too morbid. I guess I need to get on to brighter subjects.

I reduced the file size on a couple of portraits, and intended on putting one on the header of my blog. I don't see where it goes, though. Some nerd, eh? I guess I'll have to look around for the correct place to load it.

Anyhow, I have one picture of the whole family, and one that does a good job at capturing the boys. (I was making faces at them when the photographer took the picture).

(Next time, we're going to borrow a pitch fork from the garden department to use as a prop. Maybe we ought to bring some hay bales in and sit on them.)

OK, time for some grumbling. I found out how to send my updates via email, but blogspot does some processing that adds stuff to my html. It chopped the story up and made it look like one of those emails that has been forwarded way too many times, and also displayed the link code to the pictures instead of embedding it. And then, it tacked on the suffix that the virus scanner likes to put on all the emails.

Oh well... I have a few ideas I'll try tomorrow. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the story and pictures, and don't find too many speling errirs. [snicker]


Anonymous Wendy from Blessings said...

Ray it's nice to finally see a closeup of you; now I can put a face to a name.
You have a beautiful family. The pictures of the boys laughing is priceless!

7:17 PM  

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