Friday, July 21, 2006

Animal Antics

We are having a two shower day today. It's not miserable, but it's warm enough that another shower will definitely make the night go better.

The hay-munching varmints got out today. My suspicion is that someone didn't close the door properly. In any case, they were trimming our lawn (weeds, really) and having a good time.

My plan was to go to the food bins, put some horse chow (looks like rabbit pellets) in her bucket, and lead her in.

Lo, the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray. I really should have known better, anyhow.

As soon as they saw me walking over to the food containers, they came running. Soon, there were two fat does, a little wether, and a horse all in that narrow strip of land between the barn and some bushes.

And they were all pushy.

The goats wouldn't keep their big faces out of the food bin (actually a trash bin), and I ended up losing the tin can that we use as a scoop. I still managed to get some food into the bucket so I could continue with my evil plan.

But first, I had to grab the mostly empty bag of horse chow. Otherwise, whoever stays behind will devour it.

Then, I had to start walking around the garage to the goat and horse enterence. Of course, all four animals were intent on putting their big noses into that bucket. And, they didn't care if I could walk or now. The goats can be pushed out of the way with a little effort, but there is no way to move a thousand or more pounds of horse unless she cooperates. Of course, she is a very cooperative horse, fortunately.

After some maneuvering, I managed to lead them all into the barn. I then had to hold the bucket high and keep the goats out. It's Sarah's food, after all.

Now, they are happily munching on some hay.


A few days ago, I was walking up the driveway and saw the cats looking at a frog sitting in the dry sand. I don't know how it got there, but I figured it wouldn't survive for long if it started to dry out.

So, I took it home and tried to figure out what to do with it. I ended up tossing it into that wading pool that the ducks like to splash around in. It disappeared later, so I don't know if the ducks ate it, or if it went out into the woods.

So today, Paul found a frog. The frog did fine in the pond. Paul and Gabe watched it swim around. Then, for some reason, Paul took it over to Wilma Waddleduck. She promptly snapped it up, which upset Gabe quite a bit. Luckily, he got over it. I guess he had wanted to keep the frog as a pet.

Today's gratuitous pictures of the day is a bunch of animals lounging around in the barnyard. It was one of the earlier warm and dry days this spring. As soon as the damp soil turns to dry soil, everyone has to roll around in it or take a dust bath.

Nope, nobody is injured, sick, or otherwise in distress. They are all blissfully lounging in the dirt.


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