Saturday, July 08, 2006

Nose-n-Toes and Nibble-Ear

When Nose-n-Toes was born, his mother immediately knew that he was Nose-n-Toes because he was pure black, except for his snow white toes and a teenie tiny little white dot on his nose.

When Nibble-Ear was born, his mother didn't know what to call him. The bunny with no name was pure black, just like his brothers and sisters.

But the rabbit with no name was not a rabbit to be ignored or forgotten. He was always getting into trouble because he was adventurous.

But every time his mother sat down to try to think of a name for her little bunny, one of his brothers or sisters would need something and mother rabbit would be off to handle it.

Nose-n-Toes and the rabbit with no name used to go for long walks in the woods and hide in the safe, cozy briar patch that was right next to farmer Joe's big hay field.

Every day, they would eat the tender clover at the edge of the field, and dart under the briar patch if they saw a fox or a hawk.

Soon, they had eaten all the tender clover that was close to the briar patch. The rabbit with no name said that he would rather get eaten by a hawk than live a life with lousy food and no adventure.

So the rabbit with no name went out into farmer Joe's hay field and brought back some nice, tender clover. Nose-n-Toes appreciated the nice, tender clover, but he didn't like it when his best friend went out into the field.

But the rabbit with no name went out farther and farther every day as the patch of eaten clover got bigger and bigger. Nose-n-Toes always went with the rabbit with no name to the edge of the field, but didn't go out into the field. Instead, he stood guard, and yelled whenever he saw a fox or a hawk. When the rabbit with no name heard Nose-n-Toes squeal, he would run and hide in the tall hay.

One day, farmer Joe cut all the hay and laid it out to dry so he could bail it. This made Nose-n-Toes sad, but his friend wasn't worried. The nice, tender clover was shorter, but there was still plenty to eat close to the ground.

The rabbit with no name was out in the field, when suddenly the hawk appeared! Nose-n-Toes let out a squeal, but his friend with no name had no place to hide.

Down, down, down dove the hawk. The rabbit to the briar patch just as fast as his bouncy legs would take him. He was almost there when suddenly the hawk spread his talons and was on him.

The rabbit with no name let out a squeal of pain as only a rabbit can. Nose-n-Toes ducked back into the briar patch and cried, sure that he would never see his friend again.

But the rabbit with no name had jumped up just as he felt the wind from the hawk's wings brush his fur. The hawk tried catch the rabbit, but only got a little piece of his right ear.

Nose-n-Toes was very happy to see his friend again. He looked at his best friend with a little chunk bit out of his ear and said, "If your mom won't name you, I'll just call you Nibble-Ear!"

And so that's how he came to be known as Nibble-Ear.

Nose-n-Toes figured that Nibble-Ear had learned his lesson and would never go out into the hay field again.

And Nibble-Ear had learned his lesson.

The next day, when he went out into the field, he was extra careful and stayed closer to the briar patch. After all, he would rather lose his other ear than live a boring life and eat lousy food.

Nose-n-Toes and Nibble-Ear are best friends.


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