Friday, June 09, 2006

Lolly the Collie

When our former neighbors moved out, they took all of their animals except one -- a black collie named Lucky. No, I don't think they intended to abandon her to die of thirst in her cage or anything like that. They kept her fed as they were moving out.

When we asked about her, they were only too glad to let us have her, some food, and her dog house.

Mary had always wanted a collie (her family had a few when she was a little girl).

We put her into the dog pen (bigger than her old digs), brushed her down, and took care of her.

Alas, she has been slowing down. This morning, we found her dead in her dog house. All we can hope is that she passed quietly in the night.

She seemed happy when she was here. She had boys to play with and other dogs for companionship. We buried her in the garden next to the goats and the kitten that we lost earlier this year. Mary planted flowers in the dirt above her.


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