Sunday, June 04, 2006

Congratulations to Kelly Drouillard!

Yep, my little niece Kelly is now a high school graduate. This fall, she will be going to a college in Tennessee. I don't know if it's because she is anxious to really get out on her own, or because that happens to be the place that offered her a scholarship. In either case, I'm proud of her.

They had the usual display of life accomplishments set up. She sure has done a lot in her short eighteen years. There are a bunch of medals displayed. She has awards from 4H, high school band, and a few other things. We don't have any jocks in our family, but we sure have a bunch of musicians.

They also had a DVD running. It contains the usual old home videos, but also some nice takes of performances. She has won some awards with her flute playing, and has even played at Carnegie Hall. That's an accomplishment to be proud of.

Alas, we had to leave early because it's a four hour drive to get from the Monroe area up to the Cadillac area. I'm glad we could make it.

Of course, the trip down there also served as a nice opportunity to see the rest of our extended family. I camped out next to my Grandpa Kelly for a while. I don't get to see him nearly enough.

It was good to see everyone, but I missed out on the music that I'm sure that came later. After the party starts to wind down, and the crowd thins out, the musical instruments start to come out. Dan and Dave (my brothers) both play guitar and brass. Kelly plays flute and piano. All of us can sing, so it's always a fun jam session.

Oh well, maybe we can do it again at the cottage on the Independence Day or Labor Day holidays.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was nice, Ray. It was good to see you guys even if we couldn't visit much. You have to go to other people's parties to sit around and visit. Hosting is a whole different ball game. You didn't miss any music. The weather became wet again, but not stormy here. We dodged the big storms. Kathy wants you to know there is a jock in the family. She placed 2nd in discus at the Dundee Freshman meet on Saturday Memorial weekend. 65'5". 7th in shot put. 21' something.We'll probably get up there sometime this summer. Cheer left today for Thailand. She was sad.

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