Wednesday, August 16, 2006

[grumble] computer [grumble] modem [grumble, grumble]

I'm sure that my mail box is filling. The computer and the modem are conspiring to keep me isolated and off line. I pulled some parts from the computer, fixed up the head-conductive goop between the CPU and the heat sink, got rid of dust, and reinstalled. Then I scanned for viruses (virii?) and spyware (didn't find anything significent), and tried to get back on line. The modem has never worked right. It's slow, too -- 21,600 (none of my modems have reached 28,800, let alone 56,000). This thing is going back to Wal-Mart as soon as possible.

I have two entries and some pictures to add. I have a third entry that should be uplifting, but every time I try to write something uplifting, my computer gives me guff. You figure it out.

On the good side, I have an interview with Baker College on Monday. For those who pray, I could use some. It'll be great to get back to an academic atmosphere. Besides, I really enjoyed the time that I worked as a peer tutor when I was at Lawrence Technological University.

Now, if I can get the other entries loaded (and finish the one that you-know-who doesn't want me to finish), I'll be much happier. I might even stop grumbling and threatening this machine with destruction.

But I'm getting at least one off-lease machine once I start that job. I need something reliable. I really ought to get two (they're cheap) so I can hang all of my printers and scanners off of the spare. Then, I can turn this computer into a Linux machine. After all, if I don't start working with Linux, they'll take away my computer geek card.


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