Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cadillac Lake Front Days

Today, there was a kind of festival on the shores of Lake Cadillac. They had the usual moonwalk types of things, food vendors, a climbing wall, and stuff like that. We went for the free kayaking, though. A local livery was giving free half hour kayak rides.

We signed up for the earliest open spot, but still had to wait for a couple hours. We reserved three solo canoes; one for each boy. Yes, Gabe wanted to try to do it by himself.

He did all right, but soon tired of it. That's OK, I had already removed my boots in anticipation of having to take him around (not that I was complaining).

The other two kayaks in the picture are being piloted by Paul and Don.

After a while, Gabe wanted to go back to shore. He hopped out in the shallow water, but immediately went out and swam in the deeper water. A little later, Paul followed suit. No sense wasting a kayak. Mary hopped on and paddled around the lake.

Finally, Don was in the water and his kayak was beached. When it became clear that he wasn't interested in kayaking anymore, I asked the owner to go ahead and pass his kayak on to the next person on the list (who appreciated the extra time).

When our time was up, Mary was dry, I had a wet seat (from trying an aggressive maneuver in a kayak with little freeboard and Gabe's and my combined weight). The three boys, of course, were totally soaked. They wanted to go to the store afterwards, and wondered why we laughed at that idea.


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