Saturday, May 13, 2006

Banana Flips and Narnia

Mary and I have slightly different philosophies when it comes to cooking. I like making things from scratch, and she's more of a 'Hamburger Helper' type girl. I like to have more control over what we eat, and she just wants to get the job done and get dinner on the table.

The good thing is that I do most of the cooking. The bad thing is that she does most of the shopping. Between all of this, we generally get something put on the table.

A couple days ago, Mary got some instant vanilla pudding, a pre-made graham cracker crust, and some bananas. So, she made up the pudding, layered it in with sliced bananas, and used some kind of non-dairy whipped topping to top it all off. Viola! Banana cream pie!

Unfortunately, she set it precariously in the refrigerator to chill. Later, she miscalculated a bit and flipped it out onto the floor.

At this point, I'll mention that she tells me that her middle initial of "K" does not stand for "Grace".

Anyhow, she picked it up and put the part that didn't touch the floor back into the pie pan. We were going to call it "Banana Surprise", but later decided that her new creation was a "Banana Flip".

Once that fiasco was done, we went to the kids' school to watch a movie. They show a movie to the kids after school about once a month. This month, they showed Narnia. I believe it's the new one.

I really love the books, and found that the series that was filmed by the BBC did a very good job of following the books. The newer version took a few liberties. I guess that isn't unusual in the movie industry.

But it was enjoyable -- for all that I couldn't hear it very well.

And on that note, I'll leave you with a gratuitous photo of the day that I took at the fair a couple years ago. It in no way has anything to do with my opinion of the new movie, or Mary's Banana Flip.


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