Monday, April 03, 2006

April fool agin?

One of my favorite web comic authors likes to have an April Fools week, rather than a single day. I think that's what is happening around here right now. Yesterday, it was daylight savings time. Today, it's the weather. It rained most of yesterday and through the night, which caused that vernal crick to really run water through the culvert. The rain also tried to wash the driveway into the above mentioned culvert like it did twice last year, but my hydrological engineering job held. (I made some carefully planned cuts and ditches to route the water away).

But that isn't the real joke. In fact, I don't mind filling up the rivers, lakes, and great lakes around her. The real joke is that white stuff.

When we went into Cadillac this morning (eye appointment at Wal-Mart), the temperature was 38 degrees F. In half an hour, it dropped to 33, and that rain turned into huge snow flakes. Now, the ground is dusted.

But I don't mind too much because I know that it's the last dying effort of winter to keep its icy hold on this place. Besides, someone told me that spring can't possibly come until the robin has been dusted with snow at least once.

There is other good news, too. Wal-Mart has made good on their promise to replace the lenses in my old pair of glasses for free. They couldn't do it when they broke because my prescription was too old. Now, I'm armed with a new prescription for bi-focals. It must have something to do with turning 45 just a month ago. I decided that I would have them put single-vision reading lenses into the old frames so that I can use the computer, build model rockets and electronics with my boys, and generally work on gadgets without having to peer through that little window in the bottom of the glasses, It will especially help if I have to crawl under some vehicle (or dashboard) and look up.

Another thing we are happy about is that the chickens are laying a lot more eggs. They do that in the spring, ya know. Today, we took six dozen to the food pantry (so maybe they can be a little more generous with them), and a dozen and a half to a friend of Mary's.

This morning, when I was getting hay for the horse, some soggy and bedraggled chickens tried to get into the barn (garage, actually). They have a perfectly good coop with food and everything, but they would rather poop all over the hay and all the stuff I am storing out there. I used to toss their little feathered tails out, but now I have found that chasing them with the pitch fork is much more effective. They aren't afraid of me, but they don't like the pitch fork for some reason. (It could be worse. I know someone who uses a lunge whip.)

The gratuitous photo of the day is another spring one.

Yes, I know that barberries ripen in the fall. In this case, however, the berries hung on all winter, and are hanging there with the brand-new spring blossoms.


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